Facilitating training and communication between communities in Europe

Welcome To Community Exchange

Community Exchange is an interactive communication and training website designed to enable and assist rural populations in the European Union to maximise the best use of all resources at its disposal. Community Exchange will improve community services, deliver a deeper community involvement through a self help bottom up approach, and forge stronger trading and educational linkages across the regions of Europe.

Emerging from a transnational partnership developed over a 5 year period between Meath Partnership in Ireland and LAG Posumavi in the Czech Republic, Community Exchange examines the development of the social, community, cultural and business infrastructure in both regions and provides opportunities for rural communities to dialogue under a number of themes and sectoral interests.

Funded through the LEADER Programme in Ireland, Community Exchange will facilitate the engagement and involvement of key state agencies and community organisations in each Country to ensure its sustainability and usefulness.



August 5th
Meath Partnership is a county-wide partnership company
July 28th
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